What category of walking shoes is right for you? (Part 1)

What kind of walking shoe is right

There are many different types of hiking boots. But what walking shoe is right for you? On this page you will find all information about the various walking and what purpose they serve. We also inform you about the breakdown of hiking boots commonly used in the Netherlands by Meindl trumped A t / m E category. After reading this information, you’ll know exactly what walking shoe is right for you and what the A t / m E category precise contents.

1. What kind of walking shoe is right for you?

You are looking for a walking shoe but which shoe is best for you now? There are lots of hiking with many different properties, how do you make your choice from there?

2. What will you use your walking shoes?

The key question we have to ask is what you are going to use walking shoes or hiking boots on, it is in fact quite a difference whether you have the mountain hiking shoes for a hike in the Alps or walking shoes to walk your dog daily or the 4th day running.

 3. Know your categories in which walking and mountaineering are classified?

Classifying categories is particularly clear. The difference between the categories is mainly in the rigidity of the sole, the support to the ankles, and the damping of the footbed.

It remains a format but is taken over by a very limited number of brands.

walking and mountaineering

4. Which category hiking boot you recognize your need?

It gives you a good insight into the kind of shoe you need. To remind you, there is no shoe that you can do anything with it. If your shoes need to climb mountain in the Himalayas but also a walking shoe for the four-day you realize that you need two pairs of shoes in different categories. However, you can make a slight hike but also the four-day walk on the same class because they are so close together that you can go with one pair.

Choose at least one shoe which meets 80% of your need. So if you have a few days to make a heavier hike and the rest of the year on flat or hilly terrain we recommend you run an A / B and not B shoe.

5. Category A and A / B, smooth low or hiking boots

In category A and A / B you will find the light and flexible walking shoe with low (A) or semi-high shaft (A / B) that offers a light support for the ankles. The upper and sole are very flexible which makes these boots are very comfortable and lightweight and also particularly easy unwinding. The upper consisting mainly of a combination of leather with lightweight plastic to the hiking boot light in weight and yet to keep strong. The profile outsole is soft with a good grip for the desired use.

Shoes category A and A / B are intended for use in flat or hilly terrain and in the mountains on good paths.

Category A and A : B

If you recognize yourself in one or more of the following rules then a shoe from the A (low) or A / B (half-height) is suitable category for you:

  • You make frequent short walk around your house
  • You go to the four-day walk or other walking event
  • You love to walk on the beach, in the dunes or forest
  • You are an experienced hiker
  • You must daily walk the dog
  • You use walking shoes for example Nordic Walking, speed walking, power walking.
  • You are walking on flat or hilly terrain
  • You go hiking in the mountains stay on the paths
  • You have a job with long stand
  • You are often along the sports field and you want warm and dry feet
  • You make a combination of cycling and walking
  • You use your walking shoes for walking in a city (Paris, London, Rome, etc.)
  • You have problems with your joints and looking for a comfortable shoe with good cushioning


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