Vitamins For Pregnant Women – What Is Better?

The way the life of a pregnant woman in the future to anticipate the availability of good health of the child during the first 9 months of the full (or, on the contrary – the presence of the disease). Pregnant women should be entrusted with full responsibility in order to understand it at the same time complex and at the same time – a joyous time.


During pregnancy, a woman needs to eat properly, to maintain certain movement, a lot of rest. From this list the most important is the food. After all, eat pregnant, it will penetrate the fetus. If a woman does not fill your Nutrition it needs proteins, fats and carbohydrates, its metabolism is disturbed, and to a greater extent, this would harm the child.

nutritions during pregnancy

That, given the importance of diet during pregnancy, prescribe gynecologist women’s complexes of vitamins and minerals. But, do you have to take them or not? And if it must be out of the big list of vitamin in the pharmacy, they are for It is appropriate and will be helpful for the growth and development of the child?

Vitamins for pregnant women – who needs them?

The best over the counter prenatal vitamins or a multivitamins complexes contain a large amount of synthetic vitamins and minerals which is directed at the fact that the deficit of nutrients to form the body during the pregnancy of the woman.But if really pregnant so bad in the use of such medicines Can I do without it?

Take vitamins during pregnancy do not need all the patients, but only those who:

Due to certain substances or other characteristics are malnutrition;

Pregnant women who previously suffered iron deficiency anemia;

In history, abortion was missed, spontaneous abortion or other disorder of the normal course of pregnancy;

If a pregnant woman more than 30 years.

That is, if you do not find yourself in this list, then take vitamins for pregnant women is not necessary. Especially if you eat full, and there is a sufficient amount of useful vegetables in your diet, fruits, meat, fish, grains , Juices, etc.

Vitamins are a drug, and therefore they carry a certain physical burden on vital organs such as the kidneys and the liver.


If a woman during pregnancy normal healthy and balanced diet, then, in this case, the additional intake of vitamins can have a negative effect on their body – namely, lead to hyper-vitaminosis. Elevated levels of vitamins in the body is not very positive effect on The development of the fetus.

What pregnant – the intake of vitamins or not?

Pregnancy is better not to take vitamins during pregnancy, and normalize your diet. Try to include in your diet useful products, vegetables, fruits, proteins, balanced amount of fats and carbohydrates.

If you feel bad during pregnancy, or you will not have any essential opportunity to eat healthy and proper food, in this case pay attention to the prenatal vitamins.

When it is necessary to take vitamins?

The conception time you must regularly take vitamins complexes (it must not be used – for pregnant women). Such medicines contain just the right amount of nutrients that is necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the “non-pregnant” body.

If you become pregnant, your body will need to increase amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. During this time you need to pay attention to the complex of vitamins that are labeled “for pregnant and breastfeeding.”

Before pregnancy, you cannot buy expensive multivitamin complexes, but only those that are really needed – a folic acid (optional), vitamin E and iodine. If a body deficit is the woman’s listed substances, it can affect the wrong tab , Which lead to all the vital organs of the fetus. You can take these substances up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Furthermore, in the second trimester gynecologist can recommend a certain drug complexes (vitamins). The recommendation will be based on the patient’s general health, ultrasound of the fetus and the pregnant complaints about his health.

Biolades for pregnant women take one tablet a day during the most abundant meal.

Recommendations when a vitamin B complex

Choosing If you choose prenatal vitamins, do not listen to girlfriends to friends or even someone incompetent in that matter. It is best to take the recommendations of the treating gynecologist who has the experience of many pregnant women who can analyze what type of medication is most effective .

Desirable that the complex of vitamins was minimal calcium as the excess can lead to such pathological phenomena as Hypercalcemia. You probably do not know that the condition as a deficiency of this element is more dangerous.

Regarding iodine, remember – the minimum dose of this substance should be 200 micrograms during pregnancy. And practically in any multivitamin complexes for pregnant women, you can see the mark of 150 micrograms. This means that an additional amount of iodine You need to compensate for food.

Overview Vitamins

Vitamins Elf Pronatal are recommended for women who are at risk factor during pregnancy, that is, have the threat of abortion. But remember, in addition, you do not need to purchase iodine preparation, as part of the Elevita Pronatal.

Vitrum Prenatal – the most common vitamins that the required amount of nutrients, a pregnant woman needs (the only thing the amount of iodine 150 micrograms). These vitamins should be taken once a day, which is very convenient.

Taking 3rd place on the popularity of booth vitamins Health alphabet mother. The main drawback of these vitamins is that the daily dose consists of 3 tablets, take one of them pregnant necessarily forgotten.