Top 3 Best USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bats

What are softball bats USSSA slowpitch?

The USSSA designates the Unites States Specialty Sports Association. USSSA slowpitch softball bats refer to softball bats which are used in slowpitch games and they are certified by the USSSA. Usually, this is composed of bats that meet Bat Performance Factor (BPF) – specific performance standard. When certifying a bat, the USSSA requires that the GMP of the bats does not exceed 1.2 under any circumstances.

best softball bats

A lot of leagues require USSSA-approved bats, but to find the best softball bats from the USSSA is a tempting job since there many bats approved by the USSSA are available. Given this, it is always recommended to have a view of the best options available and finalize the USSSA softball bat you wish to buy. Here is a list showing some of the best USSSA bats.

MikenMaxload USSA 100 compositeSlowpitchbat (2-piece)

This bat is for slowpitch softball games and is manufactured so as to optimize its performance. This bat is built using technology of Triple Matrix Core, which increases the bat’s volume by up to 5%. The bat barrel is made of an aerospace grade carbon fiber offering a rather important sweet spot.

As the barrel has several walls, it provide an outstanding amount of trampoline effect, allowing players to hit the ball harder and even farther away. The barrel ends with a handle that used Flex 2 Power technology. This bat is approved to be used in USSSA league and is considered to be one of the best USSSA-accredited bats.

Worth Legit 220 Jeff Hall Reload USSSA SBL2JU Slowpitch Softball Battery

This is a slowpitchbat that uses a barrel at 2-inch length. This bat is built in two pieces and is composed entirely of composite materials. Worth manufactured the bat barrel with a special carbon fiber material called CF100and the overall barrel layout is perfectly transparent, which adds to its strength and performance.

The transparent design can ensure that the barrel is last several seasons. The bat has a handle that uses the Flex 50 technology making the handle quite supple and allows it to give a whip effect, which increases the impact of the barrel by striking. The bat is charged with a weight of 0.5 ounces, making it ideal for batters that need more speed and power in their oscillations. Due to its final load it is necessary to get used to, but once mastered that the bat approved by USSSA is a formidable stick suited to high performance.

2016 Fighting Plague Viral USSSA Slowpitch Bat VIPG4 34/28

This is a slowpitch bat optimized for the best performance in softball games. The bat uses a 2-inch thick barrel running down for a long length, providing players with a place large enough for an effective and balanced swing. This bat is entirely made of composite materials, which gives it the strength and durability that allow it to last several seasons despite rigorous use.

Combat used its seamless technology and proprietary precision casting in the barrel construction to ensure that the barrel design does not include internal seams. Thereby, the player can feel the solid return of the barrel during the impact on softball. This bat also uses its patented G3 resin technology in boat building and completed the handle with an Ultra-Premium Lizard skin. Therefore, players can hold this balanced bat with firm grip and swing freely to hit ball.

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