Tips to choose the ideal walking shoes


Walking shoes

What types of hiking boots are there? Which one is best for me? You find them in all shapes and sizes, from sports to mountain sandal shoes. Which shoes you buy depends on how you want to use it. See all our tips for buying the perfect walking shoes!

Buying tips

Looking for the ideal walking shoes? Let me give you nine tips which you should pay attention to before you buy shoes.


  1. Buy the shoes That fits what you are doing. A lightweight shoes for the daily walk with the dog and a heavier shoes for the four-day trip.
  1. Adjust shoes never at the start of the day, but rather in the afternoon. In the morning, your feet are still thin and as the day progresses they become thicker.
  1. Fit is everything. Take the time to fit shoes and try out a (half) a size larger and smaller.
  1. High, low or in between? High hiking support your ankles. This is fine for people with weak ankles When or you go hiking in rough terrain. Low hiking boots are more suitable for flat trails. Low shoes tend to be lighter. Mids are half-height shoes do not offer much more support than low shoes, but it is better if you walk through puddles.
  1. Waterproof or not? Waterproof shoes are in our the best for humid climate. shoes are waterproofed by providing them on the inner side of a breathable and waterproof membrane on the outside.
  1. The sole should have a good profile support and grip on wet and dry surfaces. A matter of trying. Some shoes stores even have a walking trail. A well-known manufacturer of Vibram soles. They are pretty much the purveyor of all shoes brands.
  1. Adjust the shoes with hiking socks. In many stores they have available socks for customers to try on their walking shoes.
  1. Leather or synthetic fabric? Light weight low walking shoes are made of or at super breathable plastic. An excellent choice, as well ventilated shoes provide fewer blisters. Solid walking shoes are frequently made of leather or a combination of leather with plastic material. Cowhide or Yak leather is the finest quality and the price is also affordable too.
  1. Note the drawing class. Class A is suitable for trails and good roads. B is for mountain trails and easy climbs.

And then …

The perfect walking shoes found? Then its is high time for you to learn how to maintain your shoes.

Maintenance of walking shoes

Good walking shoes are expensive, so be careful with it. Maintenance is not difficult, but does require some time and attention.


Tips to properly maintain your walking shoes:

  • Let the sole of the shoes to dry, for instance by stopping in newspapers.
  • Treat leather shoes regularly with a cleaning agent.
  • Wipe leather linings from time to time with a damp cloth to prevent in from salt formation.
  • Dry the shoes never ever near a heater or in direct sunlight

When you keep the shoes properly, they will last for many years without problems. Small defects, broken stitching lace hooks can be repaired by an expert quickly.

It is also possible to apply a new or broaden the shoes sole. Most outdoor sporting goods stores offering this specialized cobblers.