The best walking shoes brands

The best walking shoes brands

That long-distance walks need good walking shoes. Therefore, we look for the best walking shoes at the moment.

Walking shoes from the best brands specialized in this type of shoes, but there are also walking shoes that are very affordable. Look below for the best brands which provide best walking shoes for women and best walking shoes for men too.


Meidl’s shoes are excellent walking and outdoor shoes which are sold each year more than a few millions. Meidl makes all kinds of walking shoes, and everything is of the best quality.


A leading German brand in walking shoes and outdoor shoes. Lowa’s walking shoes are top quality shoes with optimum comfort, grip, cushioning and support.


Merrell is a leading brand in walking shoes. They are comfortable and lightweight shoes that can take a beating and keep your feet comfortably dry. Very good walking shoes!


Salomon is one of the best manufacturers of outdoor shoes. Especially the Salomon shoes are often praised. Salomon walking shoes provide particularly good grip on wet and slippery surfaces.



The German Hanwag is a real specialist. They make walking shoes, hiking boots and other outdoor footwear of the highest quality.


Tecnica is an Italian shoe brand that is known for their excellent outdoor shoes. Within the extensive range ,Tecnica’s shoes are also excellent walking shoes.

The North Face

A label sportswear and outdoor clothing makes it particularly good hiking shoes.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance is a sportswear brand that is well known in winter sports and sports such as golf and running. But Peak Performance also makes excellent walking shoes.

Panama Jack

Panama Jack was originally a true specialist in walking shoes. Nowadays, this brand also provide many other shoes, but the expertise of walking shoes is never lost. Recommended!


Teva makes outdoor sports shoes. In the range are also lots of good walking shoes.


British outdoor clothing brand is famous for its waterproof outdoor clothing. Good walking shoes and snow boots makes Regatta popular too. These are available best walking shoes for women, for men, and children.


As a specialist in outdoor shoes, the US Columbia of course has many good walking shoes in the range. Top Quality!



Berghaus is a British brand walking shoes, though you will not expect the German name. Berghaus is an innovative shoe brand that does a lot for the development of walking shoes and outdoor shoes. These shoes are top quality.

Jack Wolfskin

Germany Jack Wolfskin is a real outdoor shoes specialist. Besides outdoor shoes and clothing for example, they also make sleeping bags, tents and suitcases, Jack Wolfskin walking shoes are also real strong walking boots that can withstand the toughest conditions.

Camel Active

Like many brands there are also walking shoes from the Camel Active hiking boots from Germany. They are excellent walking shoes from a brand specialist in outdoor shoes which is for sale all over the world.


Grisport in the Netherlands is known for its work boots and safety shoes, but this Italian shoe manufacturer also makes very nice and good walking shoes and hiking boots. Grisport walking shoes are affordable and very good quality.

New Balance

New Balance is now best known for its beautiful sneakers but originally it is a manufacturer of running shoes and walking shoes. And these shoes, they still have them in their collection. Nice and good quality, as we love walking shoes  from the UK New Balance.

New Balance


The Swiss Rieker shoes are known for their high level of wearing comfort. They are extremely lightweight, flexible shoes with good shock absorption that are very well calculated on the expansion of the feet while walking or traits for hiking. Rieker also has excellent and very comfortable hiking shoes in the range.


The outdoor footwear brand Keen is a real specialist in shoes that can be used in extreme conditions. So Keen walking shoes for example, have a reinforced toe. Keen also makes many hiking sandals, with the famous Keen Newport sandal as most major Keen walking shoe.


British walking shoes with a Dutch technology. Hi-Tec makes athletic shoes, outdoor shoes and boots of high quality.


Dachstein Outdoor Gear is an Austrian outdoor shoe brand that makes excellent walking shoes and hiking boots. Dachstein shoes suitable for mountain hiking in tough conditions, but also just for a brisk walk.


Affordable good walking shoes for men and women. Kaikkialla (Finnish for “anywhere”) allows low and high walking shoes, hiking boots and sandals.


Originally German outdoor brand (now Italian) is particularly famous among mountain climbers and hikers. Salewa makes in the field of shoes especially walking shoes, deal hiking boots for hiking in mountainous area for men, women and children.

Mountain Peak

Are you looking for very cheap walking shoes? Take a look at Mountain Peak shoes. These are quite cheap. Of course, the quality can not compete with the luxury brands.

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