Review Bushnell NEO XS Golf Watch

Bushnell is a well-known GPS device maker. Their GPS Golf Watches are loved by many golfers and usually in the list of best GPS golf watches each year. Among Bushnell’s numerous products, Bushnell NEO XS Golf Watch is chosen as the best for golfers at entry-level with affordable price.

Bushnell Neo XS


Retail price of Bushnell NEO XS Golf Watch is 199.9 USD. This price point is quite low compared to other GPS golf watches in the market. In addition, it doesn’t need subscription fee to install/ update map after purchasing. Therefore, 199.9 UDS is the final price.  Besides, considering its quality and benefits, Bushnell NEO XS Golf is really worth this price.


Bushnell NEO XS Golf comes with 3 color options: black, gray and white. There are some other minor decoration points such as colorful trim (orange, yellow, blue). The design is quite simple but still brings sleek and stylish look. Furthermore, this GPS watch is one of the lightest ones in the market, it only weighs around 1.95 ounce ~ 55 gram, so it’s comfortable to wear.

Its screen is one of the smallest one but it’s not a big deal since it only has to display quite simple information during a golf round.


It doesn’t take much time and effort for setup process of Bushnell NEO XS Golf. All we need to do is following the provided instruction to register for course database, sync watch with computer and of course, charge it. Unfortunate, this watch doesn’t come with a separatecharger; you have to connect it with computer by a cable to charge. It’s quite annoying but just a minorissue.

Preloaded courses

There are around 33,000 courses worldwide available in this Bushnell NEO XS Golf. This number is not considered impressive compared to other GPS Golf Watches which have more than 35,000 preloaded courses. However, this number is more than enough for entry-level golfers and it’s actually a good deal considering its low price.

Battery Life

One of the strong points of Bushnell GPS watches is battery life. And NEO XS doesn’t have many functions to consume all the power fast, so the battery of model could last for up to 12 hours.

Ease of use

Bushnell NEO XS is golf watch for beginners with friendly interface, so you can use it even without reading the manual. You only need to push 1 of its 5 buttons to select which features you want to use.


Bushnell Neo XS

Bushnell NEO XS has all the main and basic features necessary for a golfer in entry level.  Besides giving GPS location and distance information, it also has some other additional ones.

  • Auto-Advance.When you are in a round, the watch can automatically move to next hole in advance. You can easily change to other holes using up/down buttons.
  • Shot Tracking.Shot tracking allows you to know the shot distance but not to save this information.
  • Auto Round Start. If you set up a tee time in advance, this NEO XS will automatically start searching for satellites 7 minutes before that tee time. So GPS signal will always be ready before you start the game.

Besides, Bushnell NEO XS also has other minor features such as odometer to measure distance which you have moved, watch features as normal watch and waterproof. It doesn’t have scoring and statistics relating features but these kinds of features are more needed for professional golfers then entre level one.

In conclusion, if you have just begun playing golf and are looking for a good GPS Golf watch with basic function to start off, Bushnell NEO XS is definitely one of the best choices.

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