Top 3 Best USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bats

What are softball bats USSSA slowpitch?

The USSSA designates the Unites States Specialty Sports Association. USSSA slowpitch softball bats refer to softball bats which are used in slowpitch games and they are certified by the USSSA. Usually, this is composed of bats that meet Bat Performance Factor (BPF) – specific performance standard. When certifying a bat, the USSSA requires that the GMP of the bats does not exceed 1.2 under any circumstances.

best softball bats

A lot of leagues require USSSA-approved bats, but to find the best softball bats from the USSSA is a tempting job since there many bats approved by the USSSA are available. Given this, it is always recommended to have a view of the best options available and finalize the USSSA softball bat you wish to buy. Here is a list showing some of the best USSSA bats. Continue reading

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How To Buy The Correct Infielder Gloves

What is the most vital thing you should have the capacity to do in softball? Get the ball! This implies the best infielder glove is a standout amongst the most critical bits of gear you will possess.

This guide will acquaint you with the plenty of infielder gloves accessible to softball players. There are many variables that go into picking the correct infielder glove, including length, website composition, and style. So whether you are an All-Star or a fledgling, it is fundamental that you pick the glove most appropriate for the kind of player you are.

best softball catchers gear

Protective Positions

Where you play on the precious stone impacts what sort of glove you’ll require. At the onset of their softball encounter, more youthful players may escape with utilizing any glove for any position. As you turn into a more experienced player, however, you will need a glove or glove adjusted to your particular position. Continue reading

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DeMarini VooDoo baseball bats review

Its’ no doubt that DeMarini is the most popular baseball bat brand in the market. Besides its consistent high quality and cutting-edge technologies, there is another factor that also remarkably contributes to the success of DeMarini; that is its wide variety of products. DeMarini has numerous series, models, editions of baseball bats to meet the demands of different players with different styles, goals and requirements. Among several DeMarini’s series, DeMarini VooDoo is the most outstanding. Below is the review of voodoo’s three latest editions.

best youth baseball bats

2015 DeMarinivoodoo overlord FT

When being introduced, this DeMarini youth baseball bat surprised experts and baseball players with the amount of innovative technologies which it possesses. This is a two-piece bat which has aluminum barrel and composite handle. Compared to 2014 DeMarini Voodoo version, the barrel of 2015 version is heavier, which makes it an end-loaded bat. Because of this end load, 2015 DeMarini Voodoo Overload FT works more effectively with the powerful players who have considerable strength to control the bat. The X12 Alloy that used to make the bat is an innovation compared to X10 alloy of 2014 version because it’s stronger, much more durable and could create better trampoline effect. Continue reading

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Why is golf swing analyzer necessary

Nowadays, modern technologies do help people in every aspect of their lives, even in improving sport performance, both amateur and professional. As for golf, there are many high-tech devices to help golfers achieve better result. Among those devices, swing analyzer is the most used and is claim to be the most useful. There are many reasons that make golf swing analyzer become indispensable to golfers.


best golf rangefinder

It seems that this reason doesn’t make any sense because a golf swing analyzer would cost you at least 100 USD and of course, it’s definitely not a small amount of money. However, in golf, if you want to have remarkable improvement, it’s necessary to have someone to help you figure out what your strong and weak points are and how to fix your weak points as well as take advantages of strong points. It’s really challenging for entry level golfers to practice golf alone without help of personal trainer or high-tech devices. It would cost you a great amount of money to hire a personal trainer considering that golf is kind of luxury sport. Especially if you are at entry level when frequent practices are needed, numerous lessons with personal trainer would be too expensive to afford. Comparing to personal trainer, buying golf swing analyzer would be much more economical. Continue reading

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Review Bushnell NEO XS Golf Watch

Bushnell is a well-known GPS device maker. Their GPS Golf Watches are loved by many golfers and usually in the list of best GPS golf watches each year. Among Bushnell’s numerous products, Bushnell NEO XS Golf Watch is chosen as the best for golfers at entry-level with affordable price.

Bushnell Neo XS


Retail price of Bushnell NEO XS Golf Watch is 199.9 USD. This price point is quite low compared to other GPS golf watches in the market. In addition, it doesn’t need subscription fee to install/ update map after purchasing. Therefore, 199.9 UDS is the final price.  Besides, considering its quality and benefits, Bushnell NEO XS Golf is really worth this price.


Bushnell NEO XS Golf comes with 3 color options: black, gray and white. There are some other minor decoration points such as colorful trim (orange, yellow, blue). The design is quite simple but still brings sleek and stylish look. Furthermore, this GPS watch is one of the lightest ones in the market, it only weighs around 1.95 ounce ~ 55 gram, so it’s comfortable to wear.

Its screen is one of the smallest one but it’s not a big deal since it only has to display quite simple information during a golf round. Continue reading

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Golf Driver Buying Guide: What Material And Model Are Suitable With You

With many models on the market, choosing the right golf driver can be a bit tricky. To limit the selection, in this article we will only analyse 2 important criteria that need to be considered when buying a most forgiving golf driver.

 What material?

best golf drivers

A golf driver is a big part, with which one at long holes of the tea is beaten. The size of the driver’s head is given in cubic centimeters – 460cm³ is the maximum allowed volume. The basic rule is to hit the golf ball as far as possible – best along the fairway because it usually does not make an impression with your fellow players, nor improves your points if you hit the ball for miles into the forest.

Almost all today’s golf drivers have a head made of carbon fiber along with titanium composite materials that are lighter than steel, allowing a large head with a large sweet spot to be produced. They have very dull striking surfaces, which make trampoline effects, i.e. The face therefore gives way to the hit moment, but snaps back very fast and accelerates the ball for even more length. Continue reading

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How To Find Spares For A Golf Push Cart

As you walk through the course, you will find the beautiful things that nature can offer. You can find peace of mind in the tranquility of the cool breeze and smooth. You feel like a master in your own world with a golf caddy as your servant. Nothing will bother you to play your favourite sport and hang out with your friends. But then you realize, your “servant” costs you money and all he does is bring your gear around and offer you bad golf clubs. Why not use your own golf push cart, instead of a caddy. All you have to pay for is the thing itself and maybe spare parts in case it breaks down, and it is not as expensive as golf push carts. So now where exactly can we find the spare parts we need?

Golf shop

Sun Mountain MC3 Golf Micro-Cart

Sun Mountain MC3

Most major golf stores are fond of looking for customers with deep pockets. And the best are their products on their shelf, more of these high class customers will come and buy their products. If you have found the best store, then you are more likely to find the products you would not have thought of. An example is an electric trolley, which will not require you to drag it along with you as you walk along the course, because all you need to do is push a button. Another great benefit to going to these stores is that you can remove the exact item you need to buy. You will not have to worry if your repairs will stop because you have the wrong parts. Continue reading

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What Equipment You Need For Softball

Softball is a team sports bat and very similar to baseball and hugely popular in the United States ball. If you are interested in joining a softball league, you may have to buy some softball team. So you are wondering if you need best fastpitch softball bats for the game or not? Read on to learn more about what kind of equipment you need for softball.



The game of softball was invented in Chicago in 1887, and for 82 years, the game was played with wooden sticks. Bats are mostly from the ashes, but also pine and maple. In 1969, the company Easton (Easton now -Bell) introduced the first aluminum bat.

Softball Glove

Softball gloves are good quality leather and have a pocket of the membrane between the thumb and forefinger. A glove, the all-purpose general picture is all that most people will have to play softball. Continue reading

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Nikon CoolShot 40 Golf Rangefinder Reviews

Today I will bring you one of the best golf rangefinder reviews. This one is suitable for golf players who are looking for a good golf rangefinder but do not have much money to buy golf rangefinder from the famous brands. My review today about the Nikon CoolShot 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder.

Nikon Coolshot 40

Nikon Coolshot 40

The most wonderful thing about this Nikon CoolShot 40 is that it is very light and super fast. The CoolShot 40 Rangefinder has the dimension of just 4.4 x 1.5 x 2.8 inches and the weight of 5.9 ounces.  The device can fit in your hand very easily. In this digital age, everything need to improve its quality but while reducing its size.

The Nikon CoolShot 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder is quite fast compared to a lot of other golf rangefinders in the market. When you need to know the distance to the target, all you have to do is to press the power button and in less then 8 seconds you will be given the information you need. After that, the Nikon CoolShot 40 will automatically shut down in order to save the energy.

The life battery of the CoolShot 40 is also very good. You will hardly get the chance of the Nikon CoolShot 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder stopping working while you are enjoying the game. The Nikon CoolShot 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder does not rely on a flastick reflector. You can not only use this device when you play golf but it can also be very helpful for non-golf activities such as bird watching or hunting or biking. That is why people call it a multi-use laser rangefinder. Continue reading

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