Best Baby Mattress: An Expert Speaking

Best baby crib mattress – There is only one moment where you as a mother your newborn just leave … and that’s when sleeping. It is therefore not surprising that it is important for many parents to know where their child goes to sleep apparently. In addition to choosing a best crib mattress that meets all requirements and safety, advice is also important (I would say even more important) to buy a safe crib mattress. What to look for when buying a baby mattress? What are currently the most popular baby beds and what will it all play at a baby bed? Read it all in our great baby bed manual.

Which Material is Best Suited as a Baby Mattress?

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In the Netherlands puts a crib mattress made of cold foam over all other options. I am here or on the individual variants of foam. Which meet all the requirements and have many extras making them the best baby mattress. What I find very unfortunate that pocket springs are also an excellent choice of material (plus often cheaper), but there are no good options available in the Netherlands. Possibly as a mattress maker reading this, a good idea as something to change!

In case you want to save on the pennies polyether is also a good option. It is a mattress material choice who just meets most requirements.

What Size Should the Baby Mattress?

Depends of course very much on the scale of the crib! But as we have discussed in our guide on cribs, the mattress should be at least 80 cm long and 40 centimeters wide.

What about the thickness of the mattress baby / crib mattress?

The thickness of the baby mattress should be 3.51 cm, and more are under 15,24cm. (All mattresses that we have recommended in this manual meet course all these requirements)

Firmness of Crib Mattress

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The crib mattress should be beautiful and firm and not soft. A soft bed is dangerous for babies because their heads can fall in and there may arise a risk of choking.

According to you can check the firmness himself by pushing with the hand flat and fingers extended on the mattress. You know it has the right firmness and the bed just a little bit pressed.

Is the Mattress Hypoallergenic and Anti-Insect Edited?

A mattress that is specifically processed to leave it all babies with allergies to sleep, you can think of asthma or eczema. Most mothers in forums and other social networks find this a critical aspect when buying a product for their babies. I’m here 100% disagree, and I will well explain why.

Your baby has just been born, so you will not be aware that he or she is suffering from an allergy. In the Netherlands alone has 7.5% of people suffering from allergies. So there is a chance that your baby will sit in between.

Well, you can pay a tenner less for the mattress and purchase a nonhypoallergenic mattress. But what if your child has or suffer from, then you can think back to the old Dutch saying “cheap is expensive” because you have to buy a whole new mattress again.

Mosquito or another such anti-insect agent is a different story. This should not be a factor in your purchase of a mattress. There is no scientific evidence that helps prevent the mosquitoes because they do not come down on the mattress but the smell of people. If it stands there like included, but you do not have to worry whether you want it there or not.

Breathes Crib Mattress Enough?

Is the mattress made of a material that allows enough air? This has multiple functions (including, of course, comfort). But a well-ventilated mattress also reduces perspiration, and this works better against insects than an anti-mosquito operation.

However, this is not the reason that this is an urgent requirement for choosing a baby mattress. As I mentioned earlier, there is a risk of suffocation in infants, by taking a bed to wick can help prevent this.

How well the mattress ventilation is very much dependent on the material from which it is constructed. The Aerosleep crib mattress is an excellent example when it comes to optimum air circulation.

It is also because of the circulation of the crib mattress to a plastic mattress or a mattress with a plastic cover is strongly discouraged. This leaves no air, and there’s a good chance that your child could choke!